skyBuilders contracted with Mac Cohen of Rolling Turtle Productions to create a Universal Media Controller that can detect the media players(s) installed in a browser.

This makes it possible to open a window that looks the same for all media players, is free of any commercial messages, and can play any media file.

This will be superior to an additional step that lets you Choose Media Player

UMCo DocumentationThe current version of the Universal Media Controller (UMCo) looks like this:

Here is a description of the UMCo.

And here is the demo at Rolling Turtle.

The UMCo is being used for the BOPradio link at

Here are some links to test the UMCo with different kinds of files. They open a new window. Click the Play button to start the audio.

a 5 second mp3 file

a 3 minute mp3 file

Chris Lydon on Jim Behrle (20 seconds)

Chris Lydon Interviews Jim Behrle

Chris Lydon Interviews David Rees (new skin)

a short Real movie

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